NFA Gun Trust

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Owning NFA firearms requires great responsibility. It means you have to ensure your gun is properly registered, documented, and fully complies with all necessary laws and regulations. A gun trust proves to be one of the easiest ways to help you obtain and own such firearms, and at, this is what we specialize in.

Comprehensive Gun Trust Template

We offer DIY NFA gun trusts that let you buy, own, and share your firearms easily and legally. Our trusts are drafted by highly experienced lawyers to ensure most, if not all, your requirements are covered.

The NFA trust template we have ensures ongoing flexibility and control over your constitutionally-protected right to bear arms. This covers the basic provisions and requirements regarding purchase and ownership, as well as more detailed information on firearm sharing and succession.

Our NFA gun trusts forms are easily modifiable for any future revisions. It allows the addition or removal of trustees or beneficiaries without going through the costly, time-consuming, and tedious legal process. We understand that these trusts are designed to reduce the red tape and make the process of owning a gun simple— is here to make it a lot simpler.

Being drafted by a gun trust attorney, you can be sure our DIY NFA gun trust complies with all the requirements of your state’s firearms laws and trust laws. These documents are also easy-to-understand. Once you purchase it, you will only need to fill in a few remaining fields and have it notarized. It also comes with a comprehensive user guide and checklist for additional support.

DIY Gun Trust Templates

If you are considering an NFA gun trust, you are probably thinking about it because you want to ensure that your rights and your privacy are protected when owning and handling these restricted firearms. Creating a specialized trust that is designed to comply with all regulations for owning National Firearms Act (NFA) Title II firearms means you can rest assured that you, your loved ones, and your collection of firearms are protected no matter what happens.

There are a few different options when it comes to creating an NFA gun trust, including:

Copying a trust agreement from another person who has done one in the past
Hiring an attorney without much (or any) experience in creating NFA trusts
DIY gun trust software that has templates available for you to fill in
Hiring an attorney that specializes in these trusts
The first option is never a good idea, since gun trusts should be catered to your situation and your firearms, and copying from another person might put you at risk of being in violation of gun laws—which could result in felony charges. Hiring an attorney without any experience could also put you at risk, and is not advisable. The two best options, then, are to either hire an experience NFA trust attorney to create one for you, or to get a DIY NFA gun trust template.

Benefits and Risks of DIY Templates

If you do prefer to do it yourself, it’s critical that you start with the right NFA trust template, since outdated or incomplete templates could leave you or a loved one at risk of being arrested and charged with illegal firearm possession due to deficiencies in your trust.

The benefit of a DIY NFA trust is that you can complete it on your own time and often at a lower cost than hiring an attorney. You also won’t have to disclose your ownership of any Title II firearms to anyone if you are concerned about privacy and don’t want too many people aware of what is in your gun collection.

It’s important to note that there are risks to doing it yourself, though. You cannot simply sign your name to a document that says it is a gun trust and assume that everything is complete and correct. You need to make sure you’re working with an NFA trust template that has all the essential components to protect you and your firearms. This will help you avoid mistakes such as:

Creating a partial gun trust that does not satisfy all the requirements of the law in your state (since laws vary by state)
Creating a trust that doesn’t include specific provisions for NFA Title II firearm possession to satisfy requirements unique to gun trusts; a generic trust form will not contain these necessary phrases and provisions
Naming a trustee or beneficiary who is prohibited from owning NFA firearms according to the NFA definition, which puts him or her at risk of criminal prosecution
Failing to transfer ownership of the Title II firearms to the NFA gun trust, which means someone you think is a trustee and should be able to use and possess the firearms could actually be at risk of criminal charges
Allowing a beneficiary who is not a trustee to use or possess firearms, which is illegal but can happen if you use a more generic trust template that is not specifically designed for Title II gun possession
Get the Best Gun Trust Form

If you are planning to do your own NFA gun trust, it’s critical that you get the right NFA trust forms to work with. This protects you and everyone else who might possess or use your Title II firearms from criminal prosecution or other problems. It is possible to create a DIY NFA gun trust but you want to make sure you do it right. Check out the gun trust templates available from 2A Trusts today and get started on your own.

Talk to us today to learn more about one of the best NFA gun trust templates on the market.

Disclaimer: Use of this website to purchase forms to create your own gun trust does not substitute for professional legal advice.  Use of this website does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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