Loaning Your NFA Weapons to Others

According to the National Firearms Act (NFA), if you have a Title II weapon registered in your name then you are the only person who can handle it. You could be charged with violating the law if:

  • Your spouse knows the combination to the gun safe or where you keep the gun safe key.
  • Someone else stores your gun for you when you leave the country or move out of state.
  • If you let a friend shoot your weapon (even if you’re standing right next to them).
  • If you accidentally leave your gun in the backseat of your brother’s car.

A great way to avoid breaking the law is to create your own gun trust with 2ATRUSTS.COM. On your trust you can appoint co-trustees or beneficiaries so that you and anyone using your weapons, are protected from being charged with a felony transfer.

Our trusts are set up so that anyone engaging in a firearms related activity with you can be legally be allowed to use your weapons in your presence as a beneficiary or can use your weapons outside your presence as a co-trustee.

Don’t keep your pre-1986 machine gun to yourself. With a gun trust, you can let your friends shoot it too. A trust is the best way to manage legal ownership of your Title II weapons. Violation of the NFA can result in ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Make sure you have the law on your side and use 2AGUNTRUSTS.COM

Can You Loan Your NFA Weapons To Others?

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